Himalaya Leather

Himalaya leather – once exclusive to fashion – is now taking the automotive and aviation design by storm. Its luxurious texture and aesthetic appeal are transforming interiors and exteriors, adding sophistication and elegance to vehicles and aircraft. This shift signifies a revolutionary adoption of Himalaya leather, showcasing its versatility across industries.

Exceptional rarity

This extraordinary leather is characterised not only by its beauty but also by its exceptional rarity. Access to Himalaya leather is very limited, making it a unique and coveted resource in the world of luxury craftsmanship. We constantly strive to use only the finest materials, which is why we collaborate with renowned suppliers who guarantee us the highest quality. Quality knows no compromise.

Himalaya leather is so exceptional that it is used by the most renowned designers and manufacturers of luxury goods worldwide. We are happy and proud to be able to use this unique leather in our creations. Our master craftsmen meticulously design car interiors, using this rare leather to create extraordinary spaces with an unparalleled character.

Limited collection, unlimited emotions

Due to the scarcity and uniqueness of Himalayan leather, our collections are limited to just seven pieces per car model. This makes our masterpieces not only unique but also highly exclusive. Each piece becomes an extraordinary investment that delights the eyes and warms the heart of the owner.

Himalaya leather used in Ferrari Purosangue from The Himalaya Collection

We know that perfection is the sum of details. It is our passion to create unique spaces that ignite desire and evoke deep emotions. To emphasise the uniqueness of this leather, we have decided to name the entire collection after it.

Diamond-Infused Leather

Used in Carlex Design Interiors

The Magic of Diamond Dust

The Secret of Radiance

The extraction of diamond dust is an extremely meticulous process that requires advanced techniques. First, diamonds are carefully selected for quality and purity. Then, specialised tools and machinery are used to crush the diamonds into very fine dust. This dust is meticulously collected and subjected to special processes to obtain the final product – diamond dust.

Diamond-infused leather used in Aston Martin DBX from The Himalaya Collection

Diamond and gold leather used on Aston Martin DBX steering wheel from The Himalaya Collection

Diamond-infused leather

Diamond-infused leather used in Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG from The Himalaya Collection

Carefully selected Diamonds

However, not all diamond dust is the same. There are various sizes and qualities of dust, each with its own unique brilliance and look. The most desirable diamond dust stands out with its top purity and finely-grained structure. Such dust provides the leather with incredible depth, radiance, and a luxurious appearance.

Crushing diamonds into dust is not only a technique but also a way to use even the tiniest fragments of polished diamonds, minimising waste and attempting to harness their full potential.

Leathers that Radiate Brilliance

Due to the nature of the entire process, ordinary leathers are not used for this purpose. We opt for the noblest varieties of exotic leathers with intriguing textures. Such leathers are perfect for adorning with diamond dust. An additional process of coating them with a layer of gold or silver enhances their brilliance even further.

Enduring Brilliance

Thanks to our know-how, we can guarantee top durability of the diamond dust. The advanced knowledge and adherence to rigorous production methods ensure that this unique coating can maintain its allure for several years.

The leather covered with diamond dust is an exceptional example of luxury, beauty, and extraordinary craftsmanship. Thanks to these incredible, yet truly challenging, materials, we open up the world of thrilling creations that bring a new definition of brilliance and exclusivity to the world of automotive design. Experience and admire these extraordinary leathers that radiate the magic of diamond brilliance and add uniqueness to every interior.

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