4 Years in the Making

It's Finally Here!

We take enormous pleasure to announce our newest creation – The G-Falcon. A one of a kind Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG converted to a piece of automotive art.

Roof with hand-engraved relief

The most important element of the G-Falcon is undoubtedly the hand-crafted roof with falcon relief – intricately applied decorative patterns – highlighted by subtle touches of gold on the polished metal.

Damian Skotnicki – CEO & Artisan Craftsman working on G‑Falcon roof

Damian Skotnicki – CEO & Artisan Craftsman working on G-Falcon roof

Anna Szydelska – Artisan Engraver during G‑Falcon roof work

Robert Wolny – Metal Patination Artisan inspecting his work on G-Falcon roof

The Magic of Patina

The Art of Leatherworking at the Heights of Craftsmanship

Leather patination is a process that has stood the test of time, combining ancient tradition with modern manufacturing.

Witold Szydelski – Master of Leather Patination

Diamond Dust

A Quest for the Finest Decorative Coating

The entire G-Falcon has been coated and refined with diamond dust, the effect of which is simply magical when viewed live.

The Design of G-Falcon

Creating Timeless Art Piece

The G-Falcon’s standout feature is its meticulously handcrafted roof adorned with a falcon relief and intricate decorative patterns, accentuated by delicate gold touches on polished metal. This pattern originated from sketches by Konrad Łabędź, our team’s top graphic designer and illustrator, who initially drew the designs traditionally on paper.

Konrad Łabędź – Head Designer working on a
G-Falcon roof design

Konrad Łabędź – Head Designer working on a G-Falcon roof design

Project History

Created over four years with the utmost precision and attention to detail, the G-Falcon – a unique modification of the iconic Mercedes G 63 AMG – is a true masterpiece and our pride. It is the culmination of our experience and passion.

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We invite you to discover the story behind this extraordinary car. We asked ourselves why not create 1 of 1 collector’s cars based on the latest technological developments. Cars that can be enjoyed at any time, not just admired in the garage or during a weekend drive.

The One of One projects, like the Falcon, will be based on the Mercedes G model because we believe it is the most timeless car, offering incredible performance, classic beauty and exceptional comfort. Our job is to ennoble – to tell successive stories for selected collectors and enthusiasts from different regions of the world who are passionate about high craftsmanship, jewellery and motoring.

It is through projects like these that we can continue to evolve, exploring more stories and cultures and bringing them to the world of motoring.

Each new project will be aimed at different recipient and will tell a different story. The symbolism will always be inspired by Mother Nature, because we believe she is the best designer.

We believe that these designs will create additional intimate value for their sole owner and become a treasured dream object to be passed down from generation to generation.

We believe this is the case with the G-Falcon – our first story in the One of One collection.


Roof with Hand-Engraved Relief

The hand-engraved patterns on the roof, side mouldings and wheel arches are elements made with the precision of a jeweller.

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We wanted to touch up every detail on this large-scale project. When we started work on the roof, we thought it would take 12 months, but it took 42 months of daily 8-hour work to achieve a satisfactory effect. It took three and a half years to complete all the work, the vast majority of which was the relief process.

The most important element of the G-Falcon is undoubtedly the hand-crafted roof with falcon relief – intricately applied decorative patterns – highlighted by subtle touches of gold on the polished metal. This pattern was first sketched by hand by Konrad who is the most outstanding graphic designer in our team.

We later transferred the pattern to the metal roof overlay. This is a metal component that adheres to the factory roof with laser-like precision. It takes four months to create such a piece before it is ready for relief.

To make working on the roof easier, we created a special electrically controlled table that acts like a painting easel, allowing access to the roof at any plane.
Working on the roof can be likened to making large pieces of jewellery.
The relief and fabrication process took 5,800 hours or 36 months of manual work at 8 hours a day.

The Symbolism of a Falcon

The falcon – majestic, representing the dignity of a true king, echoing the whispers of wind and gravity, but never succumbing to them unconditionally.

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It is an icon of inner strength, inspiration and liberation – an invitation to explore the mysteries of the world and one’s own soul. Its presence awakens in us the desire to be free, to overcome obstacles and to rise above the beaten path.

The falcon’s gaze is a shock to our beliefs, a provocation to our thoughts and an inspiration to our dreams. It is a symbol of eternity, transcendence and the unique beauty that lies within each of us, just waiting for the right moment to break free and soar into the skies of limitless imagination.

Emblems and Inscriptions

The design is crowned with details in the form of solid metal G-Falcon lettering on the bonnet and spare wheel cover, and emblems on the bonnet, doors and body. All are hand-finished with the utmost precision.

Diamond Dust

The entire G-Falcon body has been coated and refined with diamond dust, the effect of which is simply magical when viewed live.

The G-Falcon paint, created using our unique proprietary technique, contains one kilogram of diamond dust, and combined with hand brushing and a natural amber colour, it creates a unique composition.


The car is fitted with 24-inch forged wheels designed in our studio, finished in the same brushed paint as the bodywork and bearing the Carlex Design emblem.

Located in the centre of the wheel, the emblem always remains in majestic stillness while driving.


Patinated Leather

The Magic of Patina: the Art of Leatherworking at the Heights of Craftsmanship

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From the world of the finest haberdashery and footwear comes the art of patinating – a tradition that goes back to the roots of the finest craftsmanship. It is the intricate, hand-finished details that give leather its unique, timeless charm and elegance.
Leather patination is a process that has stood the test of time, combining ancient tradition with modern manufacturing. The long experience of craftsmen is transferred to the surface of the leather, creating majestic colour effects that captivate and delight.
The natural waxes used in the patination process not only add elegance, but also a subtle fragrance that penetrates the structures of the leather. It is the scent of refinement and craftsmanship that wafts around you – take a deep breath and you will smell tradition and sophistication. Leather patination is not just a process; it is a ceremony in which each touch, each successive brushstroke creates a masterpiece of extraordinary beauty and expressive character. The end result is entirely determined by the patinator – his or her skill and sense of taste. It is a very sophisticated field of leather processing, which makes the first visual contact awe-inspiring, while the next is the amazing natural scent from the natural waxes and dyes, but the most captivating is the ‘feel’ of the leather. It is dense and strong to the touch, but at the same time its surface has a distinct softness. At every stage of the Falcon’s refinement, we have tried to bring the utmost commitment and expertise to the process. Patination is the breath of history that is inscribed in the structures of the finest craftsmanship, stealing hearts and minds and leaving an indelible mark in the memory.

Hand stitched with leather straps

The love of craftsmanship is ingrained in our brand DNA. Amidst the mysterious labyrinths of knowledge and experience, the hands of master craftsmen hand-stitching leather straps create a masterpiece of uncommon precision and passion. Hand stitching has become a hallmark of the interiors developed in our studio.

The hand stitching process is the sum of patience and experience. There is a trace of devotion in every patch and you can see the great care in every stitch, and its ritual continues day after day.

Door Locks

The clean, slender lines of the falcon’s claw reflect the perfection of nature and the harmony whose breath adorns every element of the surrounding world.

It is not just a tool for obtaining food, but a metaphorical sign of power, determination and the ability to triumph over adversity.

In the G-Falcon, they take on additional symbolism by acting as door locks and clutching a mysterious golden ball.

Flowing Lines

Subtly interwoven details adorned with the Flowing Lines motif throughout the design.

In their harmonious arrangement, we find the magic of balance.
It is in the flowing lines that the essence of life is hidden – unpretentious yet powerful, inspiring us to discover deeper meanings and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us at every turn.
The Floating Line motif appears in many elements of the G-Falcon. Some are cast in precious metals, while others are hand-relieved.

Carbon Body Kit

The body has been enhanced with a kit of high quality carbon fibre extensions. This gives the car a more muscular appearance.

Falcon Body Kit (10 parts):
– Front bumper
– Rear bumper
– Front grille
– Wheel arches (4)
– Sills (2)
– Hook cap

Looking to the Future

The G-Falcon opens a new chapter in the history of Carlex Design with the launch of the ‘One of One’ project series.
It is a combination of collector’s values and innovation. Based on the new 2023 model, the modification closes a certain stage and embodies a classic style with a modern touch. As the automotive industry moves towards hybrid engines, the G-Falcon is a true manifesto of original beauty and performance.

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