Carlex Design

Our passion transformed into real work

Damian Skotnicki –  Founder & CEO

     We would like to indulge you in the story of our greatest dream that has turned into a remarkable success by the name of Carlex Design. We are filled with joy and pride to share this beautiful, vibrant chaos that has evolved into a true artistic transformation. Carlex Design reflects our heart and soul, and its fruits are the exquisite finishing elements for the automotive and aviation industries, as well as unique collector’s editions of cars. However, our story goes much deeper, delving into the world of nature’s treasures, design, and passion.

A Family Enterprise

Roksana Skotnicka – CFO

     We are a family enterprise. From its inception, the active involvement and support of Roksana, my wife, has played a significant role in the development of our company. Through her unwavering dedication to both our business and our household, our lives have harmoniously evolved, fostering a continuous path of growth.

     Our journey begins in a small tailoring workshop where we humbly embarked on our adventure of renovating car interiors back in 2008. With determination and passion, we have been aspiring to achieve excellence, creating extraordinary works that would captivate any observer. We have been striving to be market leaders in our craft. Yet, our vision of seeking uniqueness and distinctiveness has led us even further, as we have evolved concurrently as a design studio, which has incited us to explore novel and exceptional materials and technologies. The development of the design studio has become the driving force behind the expansion of our tailoring workshop. Every day, we have embarked on the most daring projects that have often required us to discover new techniques and extend our know-how. Interestingly, we have realised on numerous occasions that in the field of designing and crafting car interiors, we have become our own inspiration. To continue growing, we have had to focus on seeking unique materials, further developing our design studio, and constantly enhancing our workshop.

     Our unique workshop is where art meets elegance and moderation – our daily motto that makes sure we move on. We strive for subtle enhancements and delicate transformations of cars, always showing deep respect for the original designs. We use unique materials, impeccable designs and superior craftsmanship to create our exceptional works. Our creations preserve the essence of the cars’ DNA, harmoniously blending with their originality. We know that true design requires sensitivity and moderation. In our projects, three common elements always emerge: cohesive design, superb craftsmanship, and noble materials. We never forcefully change the exteriors of impeccable models. We avoid excess. Often, our external modifications are limited to subtle paint refinements, using our individually developed technique of hand brushing or diamond dust, which adds a delicate yet captivating effect of inner depth.

This method of working has allowed us to build a loyal customer base of both individual and business clients for whom our work epitomises quality and design.

     Today, we can proudly say that we have plants and prototyping facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which allow us to produce interior trims for the aviation and automotive industries at the highest level, including serial production. The central place in our company remains our design studio, which has become the heart of our commercial enterprise. We serve numerous partners worldwide, creating luxury upholstery for the automotive, aviation, and marine sectors. The opportunity for collaboration and continuous development fills us with pride. Regardless of how much we expand our horizons, the desire to create unique collector’s objects remains with us forever as the core principle of our growth.

This passion unites the entire team of exceptional, ambitious and talented individuals.

Carlex Design Team

     Our passion for uncovering nature’s treasures, such as rare exotic leathers, meteorites, and precious metals and wood, fuels our imagination and inspires us to create works of art that are not only functional but also full of fantastic stories and emotions. Through these pursuits, we have encountered many remarkable individuals involved for generations in obtaining the world’s finest leathers, passionately collecting unique items in forests and fields. These encounters and knowledge exchanges have become invaluable treasures for our development, adding even more magic to our projects.

     Our mission is to continue crafting extraordinary creations that transcend conventional boundaries and captivate with their uniqueness. Although over the years, we have achieved a lot, our story continues, with each new project being a new opening that adds emotions and inspiration to our narrative.

Carlex Design is not just a business – it is our life, our passion, our path to pure perfection. We are proud to be able to share this story with you.

Mission and Vision Statement


The mission of Carlex is to create and offer the world’s finest lifestyle and collector modifications for the iconic Mercedes G-Class.


The vision of Carlex company is to create timeless and collector’s value by investing in the most sophisticated and luxurious materials, and excellent craftsmanship in the production of vehicles.

"Indulge in the grandeur of your dreams. At Carlex, we have the power to transform them into resplendent reality."

Damian Skotnicki

CEO & Founder

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