Steampunk Edition

Mercedes-Benz AMG G63

We are living in the era of mass production and plastic, where handcraft seems to be falling into oblivion. Natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metals, are replaced with artificial ones. Hardly anyone remembers the time when craftsmen were also artists: jewellers used simple tools like etching needles or files instead of 3D printers or milling machines, and shoe makers spent weeks mastering a pair of shoes.

The Victorian era and the technical revolution that echo in the works of Jules Verne, Herbert George Wells or Mark Twain, are a great inspiration and an escape into the world of dreams.

The G Steampunk edition is a perfect choice for collectors fascinated with the art of jewellery, handcraft, and fantasy. The car that you see is one of 10 unique vehicles made on the basis of the latest G 63 AMG model. Each of them shall bear a different relief on the roof, making it absolutely outstanding.

The most challenging part was the copper roof cover, crafted by copper processing experts, on which jewellers and designers engraved a gigantic relief with steampunk motifs. Thus, the key element is not discernible at the first sight.

Our conversion is more about refining various parts of the car and creating bespoke elements like 22″ copper-coloured rims.

The leitmotif of the interior is hand-ornamented criollo-hued leather that perfectly exposes the parts plated with copper or rose gold. The headliner features a huge embroidery with steampunk motifs, creating an original structure: the colour of the motif is the same as the Alcantara® on the headliner, and depending on the angle, it is subtle and impressive.

The floor of the car has been made of American walnut wood, and each joint has been finished with leather. The headliner has also been decorated with a bespoke collector’s plaque.




A copper roof and spare wheel cover with a steampunk engraving
Copper decors and Carlex Design emblems
Bespoke 22″ wheel rims



reshaped seats trimmed with nappa leather, a steampunk embroidery on the central tunnel, the door panels, the headliner, and the back door decorated with leather cords, an embossed steampunk motif, and a square perforation pattern

Floor and trunk:

panelled with varnished wood

Gold-plated and painted add-ons

Steering wheel:

trimmed with nappa leather with a laser-engraved motif, a gold-plated marker and a perforation pattern


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