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Carlex Design is a globally recognised company renowned for premium automotive interiors. Our innovative and stylish designs have been featured in numerous press outlets, including, Top Gear, and Autoblog, cementing our status as a leader in the industry.


Carlex Design expertise has garnered them a significant amount of press coverage, with numerous media outlets writing about their impressive custom designs. From to Top Gear and Autoblog, Carlex Design has received significant recognition for their ability to create luxurious and stylish interiors for high-end vehicles. These articles not only showcase Carlex Design’s unique designs and attention to detail but also highlight their reputation as a leading player in the automotive industry. With their innovative and cutting-edge designs, Carlex Design has become a favorite among car enthusiasts, and their press coverage only reinforces their status as a world-class interior modification company.

Custom Mercedes-Maybach GLS Wears Tasty Mix Of Mint Green And Gold
Carlex Design’s Land Rover Defender is… interesting
Carlex Jaguar XJ Coupe restomod is neither British nor understated
This opulent Mercedes G-Wagen is a $500,000 art piece on wheels...
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Jet Van: Slower Than a Jet, Fancier Than Most Vans
Lamborghini Urus Gets Eye-Popping Makeover By Carlex Design
Official: Lamborghini Gallardo by Carlex Design
Carlex Breathes New Life Into Used Ferrari 458 With $42,000 Interior Upgrade
Carlex maakt de G-klasse een jacht op wielen
Porsche 911 Turbo by Carlex Mixes Green on Brown Like Few Cars Can
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Gets a More Luxurious Facelift From Carlex Design
Deze gemodificeerde BMW X6 M Competition heeft ál het koolstofvezel
Carlex Designs Lime-Yellow Interior for Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4
Ferrari 812 GTS po tuningu polskiej firmy. Wygląda naprawdę spektakularnie!
Mercedes-Benz X-Class turned into (widened) 6×6 monster!
Tuning w cenie kompaktowego SUV-a, czyli Ferrari po przeróbkach...
Ha sok pénzt fizet, megfoszthatja terepjáró-képességeitől a Defendert
Carlex Design nos trae el interior más opulento jamás visto en un Ferrari 488...
Carlex Design po raz kolejny zabrał się za Mercedesa klasy X
Porsche 911 Turbo Carlex Design — kolekcjonerska edycja stworzona...
Mercedes-AMG G 63 с интериор за 100.000 лв.
Kůže z antilop a buvolů. Carlex Design upravil interiér Ferrari 812 GTS
Ferrari SF90 z wnętrzem Carlex Design. Polscy specjaliści poprawili...
Maybach GLS Carlex Design. Ten projekt to dzieło polskich specjalistów
Mercedes-Benz X-Class turned into (widened) 6×6 monster!
Mercedes-AMG G63 Yachting Edition: Když snobství nestačí
Mercedes-AMG G 63: Carlex Design presenta la Steampunk Edition
GLS GOLD & MINT: Carlex macht den Maybach GLS grün und goldig
BMW X6M od Carlex Design. Co zmienili polscy specjaliści od tuningu aut?
Porsche w wydaniu od Carlex Design. “Polacy znowu pokazali klasę”
Carlex Design demuestra que el lujoso GLS puede convertirse...
Mercedes X-Class modification: Yachting Edition by Carlex Design
Mercedes-Maybach GLS in Braun vom Tuner Carlex Design!


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