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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead

Some time ago, in the realm of Carlex Design, a ground-breaking discovery took place that led to the patenting of a truly remarkable method: the art of adorning surfaces with liquid metal, diamond dust, and precious metals. But that’s not all. Carlex Design’s ingenious team have also developed hand-brushing techniques to create awe-inspiring 3D effects, unveiling depths and an additional brilliance derived from these exquisite materials.

Diamond Brilliance: Masterful Car Painting

In the world of luxury and excellence, there is a unique way of enhancing car bodies that adds extraordinary shine and uniqueness. This is not an ordinary painting technique – it is our individually developed method of car painting with the use of real diamond dust. We offer an unparalleled opportunity to turn any car into a remarkable masterpiece that will take your breath away. Our masterful hand finishing techniques and unmatched skills of our paint masters make each project truly one-of-a-kind.

As Carlex Design experts in car interiors, we know that our clients value elegance and a distinctive style in their vehicles. We have devoted considerable effort, time and energy to explore the best methods of enhancing car interiors. In our quest for the finest decorative techniques for elements of the interior, we have discovered a unique method based on the use of real diamond dust. We have decided to leverage this method to enhance the exterior of cars as well.

Our car painting method has been developed using know-how, precise formulations, and high-quality diamond dust to ensure a consistently stunning outcome. However, the extraordinary aspect of our process lies in the fact that no two projects will ever be identical. Thanks to the invaluable craftsmanship of our paint masters, each work is individually created, embodying the vision and personality of the owner.

The painting is hand-made, which highlights exclusivity and uniqueness. Each car is meticulously prepared, and the goal of our experts is to provide a flawless finish. Through this process, our painting gives the cars a distinctive brilliance that captures attention and makes every detail a dream come true.

Side view of Rolls-Royce Cullinan from the Himalaya Collection

To mark the exceptional nature and luxury of our art of painting, we provide a certificate with information about the quantity of diamonds used in each project. This information not only speaks to the quality and beauty of the final result but also emphasises the uniqueness of our service. Additionally, for customers who opt for our car coating service, we provide a global concierge service in case of road accidents or collisions, or the need for reapplication of the coating.

Racing Green / Diamond Dust  / Brushed Copper

Our individually developed method of car painting using real diamond dust is a testament to luxury, excellence, and craftsmanship. With our masterful hand finishing and unparalleled skills, we create truly unique and breath-taking works of art.

Unique Method of Brushed Car Paints

At Carlex Design, we know very well how important it is to take care of the tiniest little details and preserve uniqueness in the automotive industry. That’s why we have developed a one-of-a-kind paint brushing method that allows you to achieve an amazing metallic effect on various types of surfaces. Regardless of whether it is sheet metal, plastic or even carbon fibre, our method allows you to give a deep and durable finish.

Thanks to this method, we can experiment with different colours and finishes – such as matte, semi-matte or gloss. We can also achieve effects imitating aluminium or copper, which gives a car a unique and luxurious look. This is a way to stand out on the road and ensure that your car attracts the attention of everyone around you.

Unique Handiwork

Our team of skilled master painters have unrivalled experience and skills that are key to creating these spectacular effects. Thanks to the precise manual brushing process, each car subjected to this method becomes a unique work of art on four wheels.

The art of painting and finishing with carbon

At Carlex Design, we are masters at painting and dyeing carbon. Our specialist paint shop is unmatched at creating exceptional effects on different pieces of automotive and industrial items.

Carbon has become available in the production of luxury and sports cars. At Carlex Design, we pay attention to finishing and details, which is why we excel at painting and dyeing carbon. This process is a challenge and requires expertise, but thanks to our experienced painting masters, we can achieve exceptional effects that determine the nature and value of carbon elements. Our top quality carbon painting and finishing techniques are a guarantee of perfection and elegance.

We are opening a gateway to infinite possibilities, placing Carlex Design on the path of perpetual growth and new adventures. With an unwavering passion and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Carlex Design continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, creating automotive masterpieces that defy expectations and captivate imagination.

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