The Art of Precious Metals

by Carlex

RR Phantom Steering / 2 kg of silver / hand-crafted relief work / over 1600 hours of manual work (10 months)

In line with our unwavering pursuit of perfection, we keep pushing the boundaries of convention, delivering exceptional automotive interior creations where luxury and comfort come to the fore. One of our secrets to achieving this refinement lies in the use of unique precious metals, which give all our projects an extraordinary touch.

Roll-Royce Phantom Steering Wheel

The steering wheel for the Rolls-Royce Phantom showcased below took over nine months of daily work, eight hours a day spent in our jewellery workshop. It comprises over 2 kilograms of silver and its exceptional pattern was meticulously cast and engraved using a jeweller’s graver. The finishing touches include exquisitely picked exotic textured leather. Certain elements have been splendidly embossed from silver sheets.

G-Falcons' Roof

Equally lengthy was the endeavour to create the relief on the G-Falcon model’s roof overlay, spanning over three years of full-time work. The overlay was further embellished with silver featuring patination and selective gilding. This monumental masterpiece brings us joy and fills us with pride.

G Falcon / metal relief roof cover / over 7000 hours of manual work ( 3,5 years )

Brilliance and Prestige

Thanks to the precious metals used and the mastery of jewellery craftsmanship, we can create timeless works of art on four wheels.

S63 AMG / gilding of elements / before/after

Radiating an aura of brilliance and prestige, these noble metals, combined with masterful craftsmanship, offer our clients unforgettable automotive journeys.

Dodge Challanger SRT Hellcat / Coated Elements / Patinated Silver

If you yearn for a vehicle that surpasses all your expectations, Carlex Design offers exceptional opportunities for refinement. Experience an unparalleled feeling of luxury and become part of the select circle of car owners for whom only the best is enough.

Coated Elements / Patinated Silver

Carefully selected combinations of gold, platinum and silver, crafted from the finest quality materials, are the fruits of the masterful work of our designers and craftsmen. Some of our achievements have required exceptionally long durations, as our sole goal was to attain perfection.

Maserati GranTurismo / Coated Elements / Patinated Silver

Patinated Silver Samples

Ordinary silver transformed with these patinas elevates them to another level.

We invite you to get in touch with us and discover how precious metals can transform the interior of your car into a true masterpiece of luxury.

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