Carlex Design’s innovative approach to the Mercedes-Benz X-Class encompasses a blend of opulence and performance, exemplified in their Yachting Edition’s refined aesthetics and the Racing Green Edition’s sporty allure, while their lineup of custom body kits adds a distinct touch of individuality to each iteration.

Racing Green Edition

Price upon request

Exy Extreme+

Price from: 49 995,00 EUR NET

Exy Extreme

Price from: 28 995,00 EUR NET

Exy Yachting

Price: 66 000,00 EUR NET


Price: 52 000,00 EUR NET

Exy Off-Road

Price from: 17 995,00 EUR NET

Exy Urban

Price from: 19 995,00 EUR NET

Exy Carbon X

Price from: 6 995,00 EUR NET

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