Ferrari 458 Italia


Ferrari 458 Italia


A masterpiece that impresses

The new and stunning interior of the Ferrari 458 Italia – made of yellow and black leather with a fading perforation pattern on the seats. The contrast of the two colours creates a visual spectacle that looks like a beautiful sunset, and the fading perforation pattern makes it sophisticated and elegant. The yellow and black leather interior is not just visually appealing, but also functional.

The fading perforation on the seats provides ventilation and cooling for the driver and passengers, making it comfortable for long drives.

Steering Wheel

The Ferrari steering wheel, upholstered with yellow and black leather, perfectly complements the stunning interior by Carlex Design. The combination of the two colours provides a visually striking contrast, while the leather ensures a comfortable grip for the driver.

Full Price

54,000.00 EUR NET


Scope of Conversion

Interior modification

29,000.00 EUR NET

Delivery time – 5 days

Scope of conversion

Upholstery by Carlex Design:

Carlex Design converted front seats trimmed with plain and perforated leather, rear seats trimmed with plain and perforated leather, leather door armrests, perforated and plain leather central console, complete headliner upholstered with Alcantara

Steering wheel:

trimming with plain and perforated leather

Exterior modification

15,500.00 EUR NET

Delivery time – 20 DAYS

Scope of conversion

Painting of the car’s body

Carlex Design emblems


12,000.00 EUR NET


Bespoke Carlex Design forged, alloy wheels

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